A great representative of the 8619U daughters. These females have been a staple in our herd the past few years. Several daughters in the herd. 8619U is probably the best son of 286M who has been made famous by siring the top selling sire groups in Jamison Herefords, Debter Herefords and Shaw Herefords annual bull sales.


Another great 8619U daughter. Dam of a top selling bull in our 2015 bull sale. This year’s son of hers by our UPS Sensation 2504 bull will be in our 2018 Denver pen and is the high weaning weight bull of our 2017 calf crop.

This is 202’s calf born 2014 by our KT Built Tuff 1010 herd sire.


466 is a KT Built Tuff 1010 heifer calf and now a highly productive cow in our herd.


604 is an 11-year-old Game Day daughter born on our place. She has never missed and still continues to raise a big calf at weaning. Several daughters and granddaughters in our herd.


737Y is a Harvie Colateral daughter that has done a great job for us. The heifer calf at side is sired by the 163Z Trust son found on our herd sire page. This heifer was purchased by Kurt Thomas of Thomas Herefords in Montana.


9078 is a UPS Domino 3027 daughter that has been a consistent producer with several daughters in our herd. Big bodied with a beautiful udder she epitomizes the 3027 females! This picture was taken in September just before weaning her February born calf.


6078 is really 152. A daughter of Ernst Nitrogen 916 she is a big bodied cow with a beautiful shaped udder. A real consistent producer.


She is a daughter of the cow in the second picture E3P. 172 is another 8619U daughter that just keeps hitting home runs. She is the dam of a top 163Z son that we sold to Myers Herefords of South Dakota at the Black Hills Stock Show. We also used this son of hers in our herd.


E3P is the Herd Matriarch! Now deceased we have more daughters and granddaughters in the herd by her than any other female we have ever owned. Sired by Embracer 8006 I can’t say enough about this great cow. Even at 11 years old she still had a great udder structure.


151 another 8619U daughter with a 3027 granddaughter at side. Outstanding producer.


Sired by 8619U she is the dam of our 2017 Top selling bull in our sale. Owned with Cane Creek Ranch of South Dakota he will be a featured sire for us in years to come. This picture was taken just a week before she calved in spring 2017. We calve on stalks weather permitting. These girls have to perform to stick around!

Dam of our 2017 high selling bull. Owned by Cane Creek Ranch, SD.


Sired by Mohican Wheatland we lost this past spring. Her heifer calf shown here has gone on to be an outstanding producer sired by Built Tuff. Her 2017 heifer calf will be in our 2018 Denver Pen. She ids sired by our UPS Sensation 2504ET herd sire. Be sure to come and see her.

Her 2017 heifer calf will be in our 2018 Denver Pen. She is sired by our UPS Sensation 2504ET herd sire. Be sure to come and see her.